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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Have Reportedly Broken Up


Shaina Auxilly

Is Omeeka over? Rumors of a breakup between Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been swirling for a while now with the duo posting subliminal shots and unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Things really heated up when the Philly rapper posted the behind of a mystery woman dressed in red lace. He captioned it “Sitting like…… $avage…”, before adding “just friends” later. He teased the identity of the woman on his Snapchat, asking his followers if they wanted to know who the lady is, but his next snap simply read, “Confidential.” He later deleted the Instagram picture, but the rumor mill is continuing to swirl.

A source in Philly reportedly told Bossip that Meek has allegedly been cheating on Nicki with a Philly boutique owner named Sonye for over a year. In fact, word on the street is the Dreamchaser put up the cash for her to own the shop. According to the site, many people in Philly already knew about Meek and Sonje, adding that she’s close friends with the girlfriends of the men in the Dreamchasers camp.

The source claims that Meek and Nicki have indeed broken up and are living separately since he purchased his own home.


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