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Fashion, Flair and LifeStyle is a Radio Show to discuss Fashion and LifeStyles with a Flair.

I am your Host Osnita Norman of Pure Essence Resale Boutique and your Co-Host Denae Graves of Mattie x Idell.

 Our mission is to enhance ones perspective of Fashion, Style and Design.  Your Lifestyle is expressed everyday through your self-image or self-concept; based on how you see yourself and how you are seen by others.  

We are here to promote every aspect of a lifestyle as it relates to Fashion, Health, and Beauty

Allow your Style to be your conversation!  

Cutting. Sewing up garments. Presenting them to peers. It all started at age 12. Playing in her grandmother’s garments or copying the looks pop star’s had on in their videos…. Years later in high school, she decided to take it into her own hands to create her style and put different looks together with diverse articles of clothing. Snipping at fabric and putting it back together is something she lived for. 2006 she decided to attend International Academy of Design and Technology to expand her skills and knowledge for her first love, fashion. September 2007 is when M A T T I E x I D E L L was established.

    A professor at the school she attended challenged the class to come up with the name of their line and the idea of their company. Denae’ Graves a native of Detroit City, born January 8, 1987, CEO and Founder came up with an idea to involve family. There it was, M A T T I E x I D E L L he name comes from her two great grandmother’s Mattiereen Mitchell and Idell Nelson. She wanted the name to have true meaning and something that was close to her heart. So, she named her clothing line after two beautiful women who in her eyes represent beauty and strength.

    Which is the idea of the company. After graduation June 2010 Denae’ continued to grow her company so she decided to freelance, join city events and fairs in urban Detroit to get the name going. Not only did she freelance because it was important for the company, but for her fashion peers, clients and potential clients to view the world of fashion through her eyes. In reality she’s not understood as a person. That’s why stepping onto the fashion scene was so important because then, she had the opportunity for people to understand her as a designer.

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