Ice Cube Claims Cable Companies Are Trying To Stop Him Buying 21 TV Stations


Ice Cube is alleging that cable companies are trying to prevent his bid to buy 21 cable television stations.

Cube claims that Charter and friends are trying to throw a wrench in the works to prevent him from placing his bid.

Cube has put together a solid group of investors to buy the sports channels, which are being sold by Disney for $10 billion, but he says that two companies, who are also bidding for the channels, are playing dirty.

According to Cube, Charter Communications teamed with Atlanta Braves’ owner John Malone and his company Liberty Media, to block Big3 as a “diverse and inclusive” competitor.

“The BIG3 is not part of the old boys club and that doesn’t sit well with a company like Charter, which has been called out many times for unfair treatment of minority organizations and for consistent disregard of its own customers,” Ice Cube said in a statement.

He has reportedly submitted his final bid to Fox yesterday and also met up with DOJ officials earlier today about John Malone’s shenanigans.

“Companies like Charter want to keep the old world and will bend the rules to do business with the same people in the same tired way,” Ice Cube continued. “Just like they always have. But it’s been way past time for a change. We have a vision for a more inclusive, more positive role for media in this country. The BIG3 buying the Fox RSNs is a big step into that future.”

Charter has responded to the claims of dirty tactics but did not deny the claims in the statement:

“Charter currently has an agreement to carry these networks and welcomes the opportunity to discuss a future carriage agreement for these networks with whoever ultimately owns them including Big3,” Charter said.

We need to protect Ice Cube at all costs!

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