Russell Wilson Urges Ciara To Take Future Off Child Support Because They Don’t Need His “Little Coins”


By: TCF! Staff | On: April 21, 2019

According to sources close to both Russell Wilson and Ciara, Russell is urging Ciara to relieve Future of all child support payments for their son. Russell Wilson just signed one of the biggest contracts in NFL history and the Wilson family is not in need of any money. Currently, Future has been ordered to pay child support to Ciara by a court and Future has claimed he pays Ciara $15,000 a month. Wilson has debunked that myth and claims Future pays around $2,000 a month, which is not usually paid on time or consistently.

Due to the stress Future causes Ciara and Future Jr, Wilson said he just doesn’t want his wife to deal with. Here’s what Wilson had to say during an interview with paparazzi :

“I don’t like seeing my son and my wife stressing about such a minuscule amount of money. Ciara and her ex constantly argue because he’s not consistent and can go months without even paying. I can provide for my family without his little coins. I’m sure he needs the money more than we do. He’s got other kids in need, no need for him to over extend himself because we are set for generations ahead of us.”

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