October 21st, 2013
Posted in MUSIC

The irony of witnessing America’s favorite Attention Whore (Lady GagGag) and the pied pipper of golden showers (R.Kelly) unite together on a track titled “Do What U Want To My Body” – is truly hilarious (as well as disturbing). Yet, after listening to the complete edit of this potential clusterfuck… I gotta admit.. I don’t hate it (nor am I in love with it). I guess I was blinded by the Bubblicious Booty of Ms. Gaga, that I quickly forgot the non-urinal based talent that exist in both artist. Don’t get it twisted though, this is still some basic ass bubblegum pop music, but at least it quality rehashed material. Now I’m just anxious to witness the visual fuckery, that will surely be incorporated in the music video (possibly a extended cut of Dave Chappelle’s *Piss On You*)

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