YOU BETTER WERK! Beyonce Reveals Rehearsal Process For “Drunk In Love” Grammy Performance (PHOTOS)


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    By now, if you haven’t seen clips or pictures from Beyonce‘s performance at the 2014 Grammys, well then you might be living under a rock!

    The “Yoncé” singer has made tons of headlines for her risqué performance to “Drunk In Love”, and it obviously took a lot of work and discussion with her team to put out the final product.

    Bey recently shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the show’s preparation, and it looks like she was just as confident with being sexy on stage then as she was when she was dolled up for the actual show.


    The pictures show Queen Bey studying her choreographer’s dance moves, working with the chair, and singing all at the same time.

    Jay doesn’t seem to have joined her for the rehearsals, so maybe there’s a chance that they didn’t even practice their part together until the actual performance!

    Speaking of Jay, it looks like Bey has allegedly ditched her manager in order so that she and her hubby could manage her career together.

    A source told the Daily Mirror of the career move:

    ‘Jay has been heavily involved in Beyonce’s career for years, and was instrumental in organising the Mrs Carter Show World Tour. But he isn’t officially regarded as her manager – she really is independent.’

    ‘Now the couple have Blue, she wants to make sure her family come first at all times, especially as there’s talk of them adding to the brood.’

    ‘The best way to do that is to make sure all managerial decisions are made by her and her husband – together.’

    Since Bey is pretty much the best at everythingwe’re sure any new decisions she makes as far as new management wouldn’t hurt her career!

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