Will And Jaden Smith Address Emancipation Rumors On Ellen


    By Skyyhook, Contributing Editor


    Awww gotta love that Pinket Smith family! We don’t know why the rumors got started about Jaden trying to move out on his own, but he and his proud Pop Will Smith were on Ellen today and they put an end to the speculation!

    Says Jaden Smith,

    “The thing that people don’t get is, everything at his [Will’s] house is free. So I can get anything and everything at his house, so I’m going to be there 20, 30 more years.

    Thanks to Radaronline.com we have the video! Check them out!

    While you were watching that video, was it us or did you also notice that young Jaden is definitely looking like his mom, and sounding like his father? He sounds just like Will Smith doesn’t he? Just an observation.

    Well, we wish  Jaden all the luck in the world, and no worries youngster, if a few years, you will be able to walk away from home, you won’t even have to run! Plenty of time for all that, and like you said, the stuff at your parents house is free! There are super duper grown people living at home for that exact same reason!


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