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Tyrese Stunts on The Rock with His Car Collection


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Tyrese isn’t shy about stuntin on his haters. Even if it’s the reigning box office champion.

Tyrese recently posted on instagram showing off the numerous cars he has at his home. Apparently, his business partners were competing with him and he had to shut them down by showing his cars with the twin turbos. In a subsequent post, he also went at The Rock.

In an Instagram post that included the cast of the original Fast & Furious, Tyrese captioned it with saying, “Diversity, love, multi-ethnic worldwide multi-generational, United Nations, One Race, Fast Family…… Until Dewayne showed up I guess this whole time he had a problem cause he wasn’t the ONLY ONE on the movie poster.”

Tyrese did not hold back by calling The People’s Champion a “clown” and passive-aggressively congratulated him and The Rock’s manager, Dany Garcia, in successfully splitting up the franchise. The cause of this beef allegedly stems from The Rock getting his own movie sequel co-starring with Jason Statham and pushing back production on the latest Fast & Furious sequel.

The Rock didn’t respond directly to Tyrese but did tweet that his “goal from day 1 was to come in and create an exciting/fun character for the fans, elevate the franchise and build it out.”

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