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    Tiffany Haddish on Knowing Roseanne Was Racist: “F**k That B***h”



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    Article Image: Tiffany Haddish on Knowing Roseanne Was Racist: "F**k That B***h"

    Tiffany Haddish recently got the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and revealed many unknown things about her life and career. During the interview, Haddish was remarkably candid about Roseanne Barr, noting that she already knew that Barr was racist for a while.

    Haddish told a story about being in El Segundo, California when her friend brought being near Roseanne’s house. Haddish said “One day, we were walking around the neighborhood, and [her friend] says, ‘Oh, Roseanne lives there.’ Now, I loved Roseanne, and the next day we walked by, and she was in her yard. I say, ‘Hiiii, Roseanne.’ She looks at me (makes a disgusted face), and ran in the house. I thought, ‘Maybe she don’t want to be bothered today.’ A week later, we walk by again, and I told Anna — she’s Hispanic, but she looks white — she should say hi this time. So she says, ‘Hi, Roseanne,’ and Roseanne goes, ‘Hey!’ I thought, ‘Maybe she got to know us.’ Then I go back, like, a week later, I wave again and say, ‘Hi, Roseanne! I love your comedy,’ and she (makes the same disgusted face) and turns her head. I think, ‘F**k that b**ch.’ That was 2000, maybe 2001, so it’s not new. She been racist, why’d you all give her a TV show?

    Source: THR

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