These Are Her Confessions! Chilli Opens Up About Her Breakup With Usher (DETAILS)


    Usher and "Chilli" Thomas

    For the record, Chilli and Usher weren’t oil and water; they were very much together when Usher recorded his revealing album Confessions, and the album was not about their relationship.

    How do we know? Well, Chilli just went on the record and said so.

    The sexy third to TLC recently spoke out about her publicized relationship with the R&B singer, why they broke up, and whether or not they’re still friends. Chilli had a lot of surprising truths to reveal (we could’ve sworn Confessions was discussing their true love gone sour).

    Check out some highlights below:

    On Confessions Being About Jermaine Dupri’s Situation – Not Usher’s:

    “We were together when he recorded that album. All of those songs on Confessions, that was about Jermaine Dupri’s situation. Usher was just singing it. But people kind of bought into it, it was just the timing of our breakup when the album came out. So people assumed that album was about us, but it was not. And Usher and I weren’t oil and water. We broke up because I guess it was that time or whatever,” she added wistfully: “he was that real love for me.”

    On Why She & Usher Broke Up:

    “In any relationship, even when it came to my relationship with Usher, when it was time to make a move, I had to do that. I don’t care how much my heart was hurting, sometimes you’re just supposed to be with people for a reason and it’s not always a lifetime. Even if you want it to be, it just doesn’t work out that way.”

    On Her Relationship With Usher Being Different Than His Relationship With Tameka Foster:

    “I didn’t have anything to do with it and I was very far away from it. I wasn’t a part of any of that kind of stuff. Our relationship was never like that. That’s

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