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    1. You know what for this its fuck team eastside yall on some hoe shit team east. Yall niggas claim yall getting money but yall taking another rich nigga chain, and for what ?so you can go cash it in And get some paper for it cuz you can’t afford it fuckin hoes. I hope after this team east is hated in lose so much fans. Cuz yall ain’t bout the money life what yall go jump Icewear to because he getting ready to make it to ? BITCHES! Go get yo own shit and i hope that wasn’t peezy with the red coat on bro cuz i thought you was the realist nigga in that bitch. This hurts and you know what ima pray that DBC get Them shooters afterwards i sware and chop every last one of you broke bitches. That just pissed me off and fucked my day up. They got more money then yall so yall know they can put a price on yall fucking head and kill every last one of you abd then get away with it and laugh about it i really pray to god on life they catch yall hoes slippin. Yall ain’t eating yall on a fucking diet. They put on for Detroit while yall put on for the “East” right #hoes #DBC

    2. I hope the police catch all of them and make them do some hard time and i really hope they catch the little fat broke ass boy who took his chain broke ass niggas can’t get they own gotta take other people stuff

    3. Of course niggas gone lose or get knocked out wen it’s like 20 on 3 buncha hatin ass niggas sayin they soft half y’all woulda ran but them boys went down swingin they get my respect u know Detroit fuck wit dem hard so dem dudes fucked they selfs fa real

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