Love & Hip Hop’s Mandeecees Harris Just Sentenced to 15 YEARS in Jail…(Trafficking Over $2.5 MILLION Dollars in Cocaine!)


    by Mr. Anti

    May 31

    Boy I knew something was wrong when I seen Mendeecees pushing Audi R8′s and rocking Audemars off a Love & Hip Hop New York salary… …welp the word is he and his brother were pushing major weight in the streets. If you remember during the season he went to jail for UNKNOWN reasons, but was never released. Well now its official he was moving drugs and may have just caught a 15 year jail sentence. They talkin’ bout: This is sad. I feel for his kids more than anything. I clicked on the Febderal Bureau of Prisons and it shows that he is currently being tansferred to prison with a release date unkown. He was basically charged with a drug trafficking conspiracy. His brother (has been in jail since last year) they say that they trafficked about 2.5 million dollars in heroin & cocaine from 2002-2012. 2.5 Million in TEN YEARS!!!! Doesn’t seem like they were good at their hustle!!!! But i’m sure he made way more. That amount is only what the Feds knew about. (NEW YORK TWITTER) chatter is that Mendeecees has been sentenced to 15 years. Maybe they haven’t released the news of his sentencing just yet but if he is in transit to another prison, then you know it’s probably true.. His parents should get 15years for naming him that. but …in the words of Paid in Full “You Can’t Keep a Good N*gga Down”.  Source: TattleTailz

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