Snoop Dogg and more react to T-Pain’s stance that 6ix9ine should snitch



 // Mar 1, 2019

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Rapper 6ix9ine made plenty of enemies before being arrested on numerous federal charges last year and continues to live up to his polarizing reputation.

As previously reported, the Brooklyn rapper decided to enter a guilty plea, agreeing to cooperate with federal authorities. The news 6ix9ine would be a cooperating witness ruffled the feathers of many in the hip hop community, with artists such as Meek MillBoosie BadAzz and 50 Cent condemning him for snitching. However, T-Pain shares a different opinion.

During an appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Thursday (Feb. 28), the veteran recording artist and producer weighed in on the subject, contemplating what he would do if he were in the 22-year-old’s shoes.

“I would snitch so hard,” he said laughing. He then goes on to defend 6ix9ine’s actions, explaining how he feels the rapper is acting out of the best interest of his family and daughter. “But on the real though, the man has a family and a daughter! A lot of people say, ‘Well he wasn’t thinking about that when he was doing that!’ Yes he was!”

After T-Pain shared his opinion on the matter, Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Gunplay and others took to social media to offer a contrasting perspective.

“Streets really done when people openly feel you can live a certain way for fame & money then throw others under the bus to save themselves & say they snitching to be wit they family,” Fabolous shared in a lengthy comment on Instagram. “Meanwhile @mysonnenygeneral got a clip of a man tryna snitch on his own mama… Majority of people are for self but scream Gang Gang for the clout of it. Cuz it’s a popular thing to say. But then don’t stand on it in adversity. They should also stop asking people who never lived that lifestyle bcuz their opinion is always gonna be save they own ass. And the people who agree most likely don’t lie or come up that way either.”

Snoop also weighed in, simply commenting “weak,” while Ja Rule used the opportunity to call both 6ix9ine and 50 Cent “rats.”

“N–a ain’t even built or qualified to even be asked dat question,” Gunplay said on Instagram, expressing how T-Pain doesn’t have the same experience on the street and therefore shouldn’t try to rationalize the consequences that come from something such as snitching. “So this wut happens weak n–a opinions gon wild who asked dat question to him for TF.”

Take a look at T-Pain’s original commentary and some reactions in the posts below.

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