Shaq’s Ex Girlfriend Exposes His Secrets In Court


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    Vanessa Lopez get dirty in court and expose Shaq secretsWhen asked about whether Shaq had any sexual hang-ups, she said:

    Vanessa: He would often put his hands over his private area and say “I know it’s small.” Don’t laugh. And he was just a little embarassed about that.

    Then the lawyer asked about any of Shaq’s freaky sexual habits and Vanessa said:

    Vanessa: When he would call and want to get together, I was reluctant to see him when I had my period. . . . And [Shaq] would say “I don’t care.” And when we would see each other, he had, like a fetish that he’d just like to give me oral sex during my period.

    Lawyer: Okay, did this happen one time? More than once? How many times do you recall: Vanessa: At least TEN

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