Schoolboy Q Wishes He Could’ve Stayed Independent


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    TDE’s Schoolboy Q, who’s debut album,Oxymoron, is still in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 three weeks after being released–recently vented to Hot 93.7 on how he regrets signing to Interscope Records, wishing that he remained independent at TDE instead of being under a “rap contract”. Being under Interscope he states that he isn’t allowed to put out mixtapes anymore, saving all of his creative energy for his studio albums instead.  Although he was grateful for having the title of having the #1 album in the country last week, he states that he doesn’t really care about having a top radio single, and he was much more into being independent. It seems like he is staying away from major endorsement deals as well, stating that everyone wants to collaborate on a bucket hat collection with him. “There’s so many bucket hat companies offering me so much money, but I’d rather do it myself.  If you wanted to give me that much money, I know I could make that much money on my own.”  He states that he believes that he can enter the world of side projects such as fashion (bucket hats) on his own, and as far as that goes, he has everything covered.


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