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Russell Simmons Pens Open Letter to Trump, Points Out Some Dangers

Article Image: Russell Simmons Pens Open Letter to Trump, Points Out Some Dangers

Since election results arrived revealing that Donald Trump would be the next United States president, many have been divided on the pending president’s status. Some citizens have even taken to the streets in their cities to protest. Many celebrities are speaking out as well, and now Russell Simmons has joined the ranks in the form of an open letter titled “A Prayer for Donald Trump and America, From An Old Friend.”

In the letter, Simmons spoke on his friendship with Trump, but also took the time to address how the soon-to-be president alienated large groups of people in America. Simmons said “Donald, you cannot target a religious group of people. That is dangerous. You cannot separate families and deport people who have only known this country as their home. That is immoral. Donald, you cannot further militarize the police and empower them to antagonize and terrorize black communities. That is unjust. You cannot wage war against women’s rights. That is disastrous. You must stop with the hateful and harmful language towards women and people of color. That is unacceptable. Donald, you cannot rip up all of our regulations that protect our planet, continue to subsidize the meat industry and put people in power that think climate change is a hoax (the rumor of who you want to appoint to run the EPA is frightening). That is beyond repair.”

Simmons also spoke on how many hate crimes have begun to surge since he started began campaigning, as well as after he won the presidency. He then took Trump to task for these incidents, saying “As our president-elect, as a man, as a human being with children (who I have known since they were all born), it is your duty to denounce this kind of behavior immediately. This is not the legacy you want to leave behind.”


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