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Run DMC is Suing Walmart and Amazon for $50 Million

Vincent Funaro

Contributing Writer

Article Image: Run DMC is Suing Walmart and Amazon for $50 Million

The Run-DMC brand is hitting major retailers Walmart and Amazon with a $50 million lawsuit for jacking the group’s trademarked logo.

The brand claims the retailers are advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting and distributing products that feature the logo, according to TMZ. These products include merch like t-shirts, patches, wallets among other forms. Run-DMC claims the retailers did so without permission and affirmed the value of their logo by citing a $1.6 million agreement with Adidas giving the footwear giant permission to sell products with it. Walmart and Amazon have yet to comment on the matter publicly. Run-DMC is seeking $50 million in damages.

The Run-DMC logo has been adapted to clothing that has nothing to do with the group. Apparel makers have interchanged the group’s name with words or a message of their choosing. There are shirts that use the logo which read things like “Vietnam,” “Occupy,” and “West Side.” Many of which are sold by Amazon.


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