Peter Rosenberg Calls Kendrick Lamar the Greatest Rapper Ever


Peter Rosenberg gave Kendrick Lamar’s new album a listen upon it’s midnight release, and not only was he impressed by Lamar’s latest work, he was left in awe of Kendrick Lamar. In fact to say that he is merely impressed by K. Dot would be an understatement. Rosenberg would go as far as to say that at this point, he can’t think of better rapper having ever come along.

“Yes I said it … Kendrick is the best rapper of all time,” Rosenberg told followers on Twitter on Friday afternoon, April 14. The tweet came after the Ebro In The Morning co-host initially made the claim. Rosenberg told Hot 97 listeners that he had prepared himself to be disappointed, seeing how to his determination Kendrick’s two preceding albums were hard to beat, and he figured this might be the moment the Compton rapper comes down to earth. He said he was prepared to contact Lamar’s camp to let them know, just in case he had to get on air and express his disappointment. But as it turned out, he would be far from disappointed.

“There is not a person who can rap, on planet earth, better than Kendrick Lamar,” said Rosenberg. “Eminem can rap as well. Nas can rap as well. Big Pun is right around there as well. But I don’t believe that anybody can rap better than Kendrick Lamar,” he said Damn brought him to conclude.


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