Nas’ Baby Mother Disses Him For Not Bringing Daughter To Grammys


    Nas-Getty-630-378.jpgWhile legendary MC Nas was riding high with his Grammy nominations. Though he didn’t take any awards home, he still was a winner because he got to present an award with the lovely Kelly Rowland. however, according to Nas’ first baby mother Carmen Bryan, he would have been a loser even if he won.


    While the Grammy Awards were airing, Carmen Bryan was airing Nas out for not bringing his teenage daughter to the Grammys despite being nominated a few times for the song “Daughters.” Bryan tweeted that her daughter Destiny was crushed because she couldn’t attend the ceremony with her father. Bryan went on to say that she was left to pick up the pieces after Nas left his child on the East coast as he went to Los Angeles.

    Naturally, her followers jumped on her bandwagon and began slandering Nas’ name like he was their child’s father. Destiny Jones has the right to feel hurt for not being asked to attend the Grammys with her father, but I agree with him not bringing her.

    You can look at this two ways. First off, Nas is newly divorced. He may have just wanted to celebrate as a single man. Secondly, his daughter is at an age where she can handle herself, but Destiny Jones is also the reason “Daughters” was written in the first place. Did we forget she was posting pictures of condoms on Instagram and such? that kind of behavior shouldn’t be rewarded even if the subsequent song becomes a hit and gets nominated for awards

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