Katt Williams Finally Pays Off Tax Lien



    Considering comedian Katt Williams has been on a downward spiral for the past several months, it’s good to hear that he’s doing something positive. The actor paid off a three year-old tax lien which was about $284,000.

    The IRS filed a tax lien against our favorite pimp in 2010. They alleged he hadn’t paid any taxes in 2007 which resulted in him owing the government $284,419.67. Williams finally forked over the dough and the lien was lifted on January 23.

    Although this is something positive, all is not good with the comedian. Katt Williams still in debt to the tune of four million dollars. The IRS filed the $4,000,000 tax lien against him late last year.

    Hopefully, he gets that tax lien paid off and gets his life together. He’s too talented for this.


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