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Lil Uzi Responds to Criticism that His Fashion is “Feminine”


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It seems pretty common these days among the new crop of rappers to move away from traditional hip-hop swag towards a more haute couture look. Rhymers like A$AP Rocky and Young Thug have been the subject of countless discussions over their choice of dress, and now Lil Uzi is often mentioned in the conversation as well.

Last week, the Philly rapper generated some chatter after being seen out in a shirt that many felt was better suited for a woman than a man, though he proudly revealed to a fan that it cost over two grand.

So on Sunday, it was no surprise when Lil Uzi hit the magenta carpet at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards rocking another high-priced shirt which blurred gender lines a bit.

Speaking with Sway and The Real‘s Jeannie Mai, Lil Uzi commented on the Valentino top he was wearing. “Oh yeah, this is some good Valentino…good Valentino, the good stuff,” said Uzi of the shirt, which was made from a white, diaphanous fabric.

After Sway had brought up the backlash Uzi received last week over his shirt, the rapper revealed that the Valentino also cost $2,400. Sway then asked how he responds to the haters.

“You know what it is? They’ve never felt these fabrics before. That’s all it is,” said Uzi with a smile.

Check out the clip up top.


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