‘I Have No Words or Breath Left for Somebody Like That’: D.L. Hughley Declares He ‘Don’t Even Know’ Who Mo’Nique Is After Reporter Brings Up Apology 


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Don’t expect to hear much from veteran comedian D.L. Hughley regarding his feud with Academy Award-winner Mo’Nique. The “King of Comedy” star appears to have erased the entire incident from his memory when asked about the online quarrel that turned personal with the “Precious” star. 

“I don’t even know who you’re talking about,” the comedian told a TMZ cameraperson who attempted to bring up Mo’Nique’s apology. “Listen, I don’t even know who you’re talking about. That—you only get so many breaths in your life, and I refuse to use one more on somebody like that.”

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 07: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) DL Hughley visits SiriusXM Studios on on March 7, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

When the reporter tried again, Hughley replied, “I haven’t heard anything. I don’t listen to that.” The 59-year-old actor continued, “I work, my family’s intact, I just came from doing — we just came from doing a benefit for the people that were affected by the tragedy in Buffalo. I get to go home and see my granddaughter. I have no words or breath left for somebody like that.” 

The cameraperson asked the star if he would “Never work with her again?” He answered, “I don’t even know who it is.”

Many critics in the video’s comment section sympathized with the father, including one user who wrote that they “don’t blame this man ONE BIT for not wasting another breath, word or thought about Mo’Nique. Keep on rocking D.L. while she plays in her kingdom of ashes.”

“Now y’all see why Tyler Perry just said ‘bye’ to the woman,” referencing the actress’s longtime feud with Black Hollywood trifecta Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels, who recently reunited with the star. “She does nothing but argue and instigate with producers,” the person added, “I get you don’t want to be treated badly or whatever, but lady sometimes at JOBS, you have to let it roll off your back.”

“Monique is so far gone and lost in the fighting forest, she can’t find her way out,”

Monique is so far gone and lost in the fighting forest, she can’t find her way out,” commented a third. “I feel like Nicki Minaj is the person who she needs to have a conversation about when a how to seize fire and get back to your purpose, she is imploding bad.”

After a grievance over a headliner position that Mo’Nique accused Hugley of removing her from, the two spent days exchanging fire on social media regarding contracts and past treatment. The “Phat Girlz” star further escalated matters by bringing up Hughley’s marriage and a past clip of the industry veteran discussing why he didn’t initially believe that a 13-year-old boy sexually assaulted his daughter at the time.

Mo’Nique later issued what many deemed as a back-handed apology. However, Hugley has yet to address it; by the looks of it, he never will

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