Kevin Hart Signs to Motown to Drop Album Under Chocolate Droppa


Not a season goes by in which Kevin Hart isn’t a fixture on the internet, the stage, or the big screen, as he’s undoubtedly been one of the busiest men in show business over the past several years. Fresh off of his signature voice having crossed over to gain the acquaintance of children via his role in The Secret Life of Pets, Hart looks to stay hot through autumn, with Billboard announcing that he will be releasing a rap album around the time his Kevin Hart: What Now? Comedy tour hits theaters.

For years Hart has flirted with Hip Hip, brandishing rhymes that embellish his persona as a sneering improvisationalist, who goes by the moniker Chocolate Droppa. Chocolate Drop has captivated ciphers from Youtube to the BET Awards, with onlookers complimenting an occasional gem with a shout of “Bars!” as his emotions ranging from 0 to 100. He has thrown the notion of an album out there before, once alerting fans to be on the look out for his drop on “October 33rd,” but up until now, it had all been taken in jest. On Thursday morning [August 11], Billboard announced that an unspecified deal had been reached between Hart and Motown Records, with plans for him to release an album as early as the Fall.

“It’s the RETURN OF DROPPA B*********S!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!! I just got signed by “Motown Records / Capitol Music Group,” Hart wrote in the caption of a photo he posted on Instagram, of him standing before the Capitol Music Group building. “S**t just got REAL!!!!! I’m dropping a Mixtape on you b*****s….it’s war….y’all can’t run from this lyrical a** whooping!!!!!!


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