Janet Jackson’s Odd Behavior Concerns Others During a Recent Overseas Flight


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    Apparently, Janet Jackson is a bit of a germaphobe and goes crazy when she thinks that there might be bacteria nearby.  According to the New York Post, Janet Jackson got the attention of the other passengers during a recent flight after obsessively wiping down the tray, table, phone and window in her row.

    The first class flight was headed from London to Los Angeles, and Janet seemed to be deeply concerned about the spread of germs to the point of other people becoming concerned.

    “Janet had anti-bacterial spray, and was pulling one tissue out of a bag after another,” says an-onlooker. “This wasn’t a normal rubdown; this was 40 minutes of meticulously wiping everything.”

    If this is a problem for Janet, then she’d better be even more concerned about using trial lipstick over the counter.  A woman is suing the company that endorses Rihanna’s lipstick after she says that she got herpes from one of their test samples.   It’s a germy world, but should we be obsessed about it?


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