Feds crack down on Detroit Brightmoor gang ‘YNS’


Federal investigators continue to crack down on gang violence in Detroit.

One of those gangs has terrorized the Brightmoor neighborhood for years, thanks to a federal indictment Friday they could be off the streets for a very long time.

They rapped about drugs money and murder and turns out their art may have imitated their lives. Now five members of the Young and Scandalous gang also known as YNS are under a federal indictment.

They operated in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood on the city’s west side and are charged with crimes ranging from racketeering, drug dealing and murder.

“About damn time,” said Jonathan Pommerville.

Brightmoor residents like Pommerville say it is long overdue.

“You know some of these charges are about 10 years old and why they haven’t been brought to justice yet is beyond me,” he said.

The feds say members of YNS are responsible for several violent crimes in and around the Brightmoor neighborhood including four homicides.

One of them took place at the Victory Inn on Telegraph Road, another at a gas station on Seven Mile and Shiawassee.

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