celebrity news hip hop January 6, 2015 “I never do anything just for money. Its mostly about my family. Wayne isn’t my son or family anymore so it wasn’t hard to sell his contract in order to pay all these back taxes, back rent and buy a cleaning rag for my gold grill”, said Birdman at a press conference in Miami. Today was full of controversy, curtsy of Bryan “Birdman” Williams. Fans all over are shocked that “Birdman sells Lil Wayne’s contract to Roc Nation for $50 million. “Birdman and I have had conversations about Wayne signing with me before. All of a sudden he starts threatening to sue me. But now he was knocking my door down trying to sell. I guess things change when things start getting repossessed.” Jay-z said in an interview citing a recent story that broke reporting Birdman’s Miami condo is in foreclosure. Lil Wayne has been publicly expressing his disappointment with Birdman and Cashmoney Records. Wayne has always admired Jay-Z as his favorite rapper but no one ever thought he would leave Cashmoney records. Since Birdman signed Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, the once “son” of Birdman is being treated like a foster child. “I’m absolutely tired of Birdman stealing my spotlight on the label. I was suppose to release the carter 5 but he wanted to put his face on the cover of the album”, said Lil Wayne during a radio interview.” “When I made my best verses, he would steal them and waste them on Young Thug.” Lil Wayne has a bright future at Roc Nation. He now has all the focus he needs as an artist without being worried about his boss renting out his personal vehicles to the new artist. Birdman now has the money to pay all of his debts and start fresh, but we’re sure He’ll buy some kind of custom bugatti to ride around in until he has to sell another artist’s contract.
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