Beyoncé to Perform at the Country Music Awards TONIGHT + Country Fans Are Outraged



Beyoncé is coming to the CMAs!

The Country Music Awards announced that Beyoncé is scheduled to perform during the show. Rumor has it, she’ll be opening the show alongside the Dixie Chicks.

As expected, some country music fans are OUTRAGED at Beyoncé’s addition to the show.

Why is Beyoncé performing at the CMAS let me have my country music in peace

JUST IN: @Beyonce will perform TONIGHT at the CMA Awards, 8|7c on ABC! @CountryMusic

@GMA @Beyonce @CountryMusic WHY???? Just why?????? She’s not even remotely close to country

Whomever decided that Beyonce should be on the @CountryMusicAwards should be fired!

@CountryMusic why @Beyonce ? That POS? Really? you please announce the time she will be performing? So I can turn the TV off?

@CountryMusic Beyoncé can keep her lemonade and stay far away from country music’s biggest night. Honor and respect the legends.

@CountryMusic Beyoncé really? So far from what country music stands for. R u at least going to make sure she’s appropriately dressed???

We say bring it on! We’ll definitely be tuning in tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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