Jan 31, 2015 | 12:30 PM    Written By: Desire T

Noted activist and political commentator Dr. Boyce D. Watkins has continued to be critical of some of Hip-Hop’s biggest players like Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator and the overall nature of the genre. The social commentator recently caught the attention of Azealia Banks this week after he claimed her views on black culture clash on her alleged oversexualized image.

Watkins voiced his opinion about the femcee in his blog released earlier this week. Titled, “Worldstar Hip-Hop: I See You & Hear You Azealia Banks,” the author praised the “Chasing Time” rapper for her views and efforts in teaching her fans about black history, but found it challenging that the “212” rapper boasts about her sexuality.

“Though I appreciate some of her artistic approach I cannot excuse: her over sexualization, constant use of the word b**** and c*** to refer to herself and other women, and her open admittance to risky sexual practices,” he said.

This struck a chord with the Harlem rapper who took to her Twitter podium to speak on the hypocrisy women face for being intelligent and comfortable with their sexuality.

“Oversexulization is a myth,” she tweeted. “As a woman you can never be oversexualized. Don’t talk to me about over-SEXUALIZATION because I will pull my pants down and pull out my tits and start screaming at the top of my lungs. Why does everyone think that in order to have and voice an opinion on Anything that you should be some super chaste , super boring person?”

Check out more of her rant above.

Source: Twitter | Photo Credit: Splash News

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