50 Cent Reacts To His Son’s Facebook Post About Missing His Graduation


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Did 50 Cent’s son put him on blast for missing his graduation?

That’s the question of the hour today, after someone alleging to be 50 Cent’s son Marquise shared a photo of himself hugging his mom during graduation while claiming 50 Cent was nowhere in sight. The post read:

Yea I broke down, I was really excited to see my pops at my graduation today but he never showed up smh. My sister and mama is always there for me just know that you wasn’t. I did it without you!

Although some of Marquise family members have denied that the facebook page is real, 50 Cent caught wind of the posting, and is said to be “extremely hurt,” because he actually wasn’t invited.

According to TMZ:

50 claims he was intentionally blocked from attending by his son’s mother [Shaniqua Tompkins] … at least that’s what 50 is telling friends.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ, Fiddy is extremely hurt and upset by the photo his son Marquise Jackson posted on Facebook Sunday crying in his cap and gown while hugging his mother.

But 50 disagrees … telling friends he was never told when or where the graduation ceremony was, or he would have been there. FYI, the ceremony was at Marquise’s private school in ATL (the same school 50 reportedly foots the bills for).

Although we don’t know if his son wrote the post or not, what we do know for sure is that 50 definitely didn’t make it to graduation, and this isn’t the first time Marquise has publicly aired out his father for “never being there for him.” Last year, the teen tweeted (and deleted) almost the same thing when expletive-filled texts between the two were leaked.

It’s never too late for this relationship to be mended but it’s safe to say 50 may not be getting any father of the year awards until then.

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