One Of Rapper Rick Ross ENEMIES Just leaked A PIC . . . Of His Fiancee LIRA . . . Sitting On The FLOOR In Rapper Slim Thug’s House . . . And She’s 100% NEKKID!!!

















    : Rick Ross has enemies everywhere . . . and look what one of them leaked. This is a pic of Lira back in her THOT days – in rapper Slim Thug’s house doing WHAT KNOWS WHAT . . .

    It seems like it’s every other day that Rozay has to deal with someone trying to tell him his girl is just a garden variety rapper THOT who made her way to the top climbing their backs (interpret how you wanna). When Lira and Rick broke up this past fall, many blamed it on a picture that leaked of Lira . . . topless . . . perched on Meek Mill’s lap. She didn’t deny the photo, but told people on social media it was more than three years old, so why bring it up now?

    Let’s hope this latest photo doesn’t call Rick to snatch Lira’s engagement ring again, LOL.

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