Yo Gotti Escapes Label Deal & Now Owns All His Masters


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    By Alex Zidel February 04, 2020 11:0953K Views1918

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    Yo Gotti celebrates a tremendous start to the year.

    Yo Gotti just released his brand new album Untrapped, which his fans are hailing as a return to form for the celebrated Memphis rapper. Spending two decades in the rap game, the 38-year-old is considered a veteran, somebody that up-and-comers can model their careers off of to achieve tremendous levels of success. Founding his Collective Music Group and working with some of the hottest stars in his city, Yo Gotti has been taking on more of an executive role in the business, perfecting his strategies and learning how to masterfully operate a successful record label. In doing so, he learned enough to come through with a historic thirty-one days to start off the year, dropping an album, getting out of his deal, and earning ownership of all of his master recordings.

    The rapper made a sweet announcement this morning, telling all of his fans that he’s untrapped in every sense of the word. It’s not just the title of his new album… it also describes his current situation in the industry. “Drop My Album, Out My Deal, Own My MASTERS …. ALL IN DA 1st Month of da Year 2020 GONE BE DIFFERENT,” wrote Gotti on Instagram. He tagged CMG and Roc Nation in the post, which are the remaining two organizations he’s dealing with. One of them is notably his own brand.

    Congratulations to Yo Gotti on this tremendous career achievement. Stream his latest project below.

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