Why Grammy nominated “Kanye West” is not invited to the Grammys


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    As the Grammy music award show is approaching, a question arise, “Why wasn’t the 42 Grammy nominee lyrical genius Kanye West invited? Could the reason be the musical artist’s latest release, Yeesuz? Could his past outbursts give an uncertainty amongst his critics and decision makers for the Grammy? Not knowing which Kanye West they will get, will it be the ‘George Bush don’t care about black people’ Kanye, the ‘Hold up! Hold up! I’mma let you finish!’ Kanye or the Kanye, who went from 0 to 60 and back down to 0 all in a matter of seconds during aninterview with Sway. Maybe it is Kanye’s continuous battle to make his mark in the fashion industry and not the kilt he wore at one his performance.

    The music industry and fashion industry does go hand in hand. An artist like Kanye could either do two things: change the fashion industry for the worse or he could stop all the crossing dressing and put an end to the effeminization of the black man. Or maybe it is the fear that the powers that be have. The discomfort most feel when a black man rocking the confederate flag one moment and the next moment he is onstage giving it all he got while dressed like our dear brother Yeshua better known as Jesus. That alone will scare any die hard racist and nothern radical. Imagine that. Or maybe it’s deeper than that.

    Maybe this time around the old Kanye mixed with new Kanye has people of the entertainment world and disappointed conservative fans nervous of the messages he is sending this time around with songs like Black skinned. That alone will put fear in them. Imagine that. One thing for certain Kanye has proven his influence is seen and heard everywhere whether it be through music or fashion. There is no argument there. He did make the cheap made shoe Nike Retro popular again according to his interview with the breakfast club. He brought back life into theNike Retro like Jesus did Lazareth. The shoe was on it’s last leg so to speak…That kind of influence in fashion and music would make his fans want to rock the Jesus attire with the retros and have the powers that be feeling some type of way, maybe? The feeling of we do not need that type of influences or want that type of influence, ‘Let’s slow this nigra down! He’s lost his damn mind!,’ Just like Mike, the King of Pop.

    One thing for certain the 18 time Grammy winner will not be on the guest list or in attendance this year for his controversial musical creation, Yeezus which is disappointing to his fans. They were looking forward to the epicperformance and the expressions of people faces when he dress as Jesus and bless the stage like the Holy Father did the Son. Who knows Kanye may step in the building and he may be like ‘Hold up, Hold up! So y’all..,’ with his arms and hands in the air. We will never know. Peace Written by Ja’Neal A.Johnson

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