Violent clashes break out at white nationalist gathering at Michigan State



Arrests and violent altercations broke out on the campus of Michigan State University Monday.

Altercations between white nationalists, protesters and police have led to numerous arrests and at times, violence. About 25 people have been arrested outside the pavilion.

White nationalist Richard Spencer is speaking inside the pavilion at Michigan State leading to anti-facist protests all day.

Some of Spencer’s supporters and protesters became violent leading to punches being thrown.

A heavy police presence has had its hands full despite the coordinated efforts of Michigan State Police and local agencies with skirmishes breaking out sporadically.

“We are here to show him that we are a diverse area and that he is not welcome here – and that we will push back,” said one protester.

“Everywhere else he’s gone there’s been violence, there has been assaults,” said another protester. “I think all of us are a little afraid. Everyone felt compelled to be here because this is wrong.”

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