Trap Queens Discuss Their Scam Stories, Revelations + BET Show American Gangster (Big Fifty)


    WEALTHY 5702 hours ago (edited)This was surprisingly interesting…black people know how to get money. We just need to kick more doors down…180REPLYView 11 repliesJ MILLER3 hours ago (edited)Big 50 a beast, and her kids don’t play no games!121REPLYView 2 replieskurt wallace1 hour agoThe feds should have gave these genius black women a job… they’re way too smart32REPLYView 5 repliesMegan V2 hours agoThey realer then most street dudes neither one sold drugs81REPLYView 5 repliesO J3 hours ago (edited)Everybody else was hustlers, but blonde wig straight certified 😂😂😂389REPLYView 27 repliesYung Jojo3 hours agoThis wasn’t as bad as i thought i prejudged it. Was some real stuff said in this interview glad they switched their lives around and are legit now, they all had the ability just the execution was wrong.88REPLYView 6 repliesRandom Booze3 hours agoWhite collar crimes that we get sentenced more for…… everyone is turning up their noses at this interview, but there are thousands of documentaries on white men and women that do this everyday. Look at the HBO Doc that just released on McDonald’s monopoly game. Open up your mind ppl frfr.39REPLYView 4 repliesMarcus Young3 hours agoFor all the more mature people, the lady with the blonde hair gives me a George Clinton vibe49REPLYView 9 replies32 savage3 hours agoI like these ladies76REPLYView replyRichard Lawrence2 hours agoThese sisters are magnificent soldiers.These woman are courageous,talented, creative, women.My type of beautiful sisters.40REPLYView 6 repliesJay’s world3 hours agoThe woman in the blonde looks like that auntie who gossips about the whole family 😂😂132REPLYView 5 repliesBoss Lady Rae2 hours agoWhy people worrying about how these black women look.. listen to the story and how they overcame their crime… people in this generation irks me128REPLYView 12 replies1shartraxx2 hours agoSome of these comments are brutal but I bet the same ones making them have chapters in their life that they don’t want read out loud! Always ready to throw the first stone. The ignorance is laughable!21REPLYView replyGeo Cyo3 hours ago (edited)On god as soon as i saw darhonda i said she got to be a madam then lo and behold… It must be the blonde hair.36REPLYView 8 repliesKurt Cunningham3 hours agoJust because it’s a story you dont want to hear dont mean there’s a story not to be told good or bad choices it’s a choice they made not yours…remember that shit16REPLYJon Doe3 hours agoAisha Hall got some nice music, kinda got that Remy Ma vibe!32REPLYView 2 repliesMichael Henderson3 hours agoI clicked on this title so fast I’m ashamed 😂25REPLYView 2 repliesKelvin Quartey3 hours agoWhen ur doing scams, you do it for a short time, not for a career26REPLYmscardioqueen2 hours agoBig 50 is hilarious!30REPLYView replyWEALTHY 5702 hours ago“The thing about wealth is that when you find a formula you can apply it to anything” FACTS!23REPLYAyesha Go.45 minutes agoImagine Big 50 and Ms. Pat on a podcast together OMG those stories would be everything 😂😂9REPLYView replyGilly2 hours agoThere are no shortcuts in life, period.11REPLYAdrean Cotton1 hour agoWhy didn’t you just take her shoes, had me dying.9REPLYJ. Aytch2 hours agoI absolutely fell in love with Aisha Hall, I’d love for her to publish books and post videos on business/entrepreneurial mindset, I appreciate her ability to rap but I’m really interested in the information/wisdom she has to share. I couldn’t help but to write down quotes from some of what she was saying. I hope these women decide to highlight the lessons they’ve learned in business. There are so many women (including myself) who want to learn.Read more7REPLYView replyFrankWhite32nd2 hours agoSisters got more heart than nuggahs on the streets , wowzers and I love it .12REPLYView replyfanoffloyd342 hours agoThese are bad business women ..bad meaning good ! 💯15REPLYStephanie Reneé DeRamus3 hours agoGreat interview! It’s certainly one of the most intriguing and enlightening interviews BK has done in a while. These women are so intelligent and I’m grateful they didn’t glorify their crimes but used their testimonies as learning experiences. I’m genuinely afraid of Big 50 though 😂Read more35REPLYView replyCeno30002 hours agoI’m so proud of these black ladies they strong 💪🏾 🙌🏾18REPLYView 2 repliesNicole Bj3 hours agoI watched all the episodes on BET+ and loved seeing these ladies here. Glad they made it out and hustling the right way now. Women who go to prison need support just like the men.22REPLYView 7 repliesElaine Willis2 hours ago10 million in 10 months. Gheez.52REPLYView 2 repliesdassehmc3 hours ago (edited)Yooo that’s really the Grandma on proud family if she was a little younger lol but I love her and the rest of the girls8REPLYAngelNicole5133 hours agoThat Aisha Hall is very intelligent. I like her.82REPLYView 8 repliesEricka Wright4 hours agoI thought that was loni love !!! Lmao55REPLYView 9 repliesomg2063 hours agoShe was spittin!! “I look in the mirror see god and in a image, I pray to myself I think that I’m schizophrenic” 🔥18REPLYView replyCdubs12 123 hours agoLOL so basically these are the real-life Tasha’s from Power.38REPLYView 3 repliesDre Chillin4 hours agoThey say this is a Big Rich Town41REPLYView 2 repliesRivviera Williams3 hours ago (edited)Blonde wig is actually a criminal but everybody else just hustling and got caught up And college is a business some of these women aren’t dumb95REPLYView 20 repliesBarbaraDonuts3 hours agoI can’t wait to watch this show!!!26REPLYView 2 repliesdoogie Five-Four3 hours agoBlonde wig look like Loni Love auntie..10REPLYJ MILLER3 hours agoPlease give big 50 her own episode on the breakfast club18REPLY1shartraxx3 hours agoI applaud Aisha Hall and Jamila T. Davis!10REPLYChina B3 hours agoIf they were yt, they’d be billionaires, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers, with no criminal time.48REPLYNyeka Page3 hours agoThis interview was dope that can’t keep is down for long💪💪💪22REPLYSunnyShae TLE2 hours agoAisha Hall sounds like Remy! I love Big 50! Straight out the 313 D! Keeping it OneThowWow! All these women are Brilliant in their own awesome way!!!10REPLYmade smb3 hours agoHopefully one day ya’ll can get omi in the hellcat up there to tell his story.4REPLYView replyKevin Barnett2 hours agoThis show gonna be sick I’m definitely watching it6REPLYView 2 repliesORLANDO KING3 hours agoThe lady with the blonde wig is the hardest..regardless of their past good or bad, these ladies are leaders,21REPLYView replyCdubs12 123 hours agoMartha Stewart IS THE REAL DEAL27REPLYView replyShentel J.2 hours agoThe one with the hat got a light sentence because she comes across innocent and sweet..😂6REPLYView 2 repliesShandreia Copeland1 hour agoWho else is headed over to her podcast with me? 😂 OAN GLAD that ye and cdg made up. The chemistry seems better now.4REPLYSmiley Lightfoot2 hours agoDid blonde wig jus say she pissed on herself infront the feds? Lol now dats alil nasty & gangsta at da same time I’m confused y I like dis4REPLYView replyRYAN WILLIAMS3 hours agoLegendary interview13REPLYsrg8033 hours agoBlonde wig, is HELL‼Damn lol6REPLYN Williams3 hours agoDelrhonda got that “Boss” spirit 💯30REPLYView 3 repliesCdubs12 123 hours agoThis is the most interesting interview in a while.63REPLYView 5 repliesTheBsheep3 hours agoDamn these stories…I’m shocked that Angela Yee actually tried a new smoothie other than the green one she normally has.4REPLYThis Ro3 hours ago (edited)Big fifty (Blonde wig) reminds me of Luenell 😂 OG, she has all of Madea’s and Luenell’s qualities mixed into one woman lol. Thank you to these ladies105REPLYView 8 repliesDemetrius M3 hours agoAll of them are beautiful as hell 🙌🏿26REPLYGary Sweatt3 hours agoCitizens Bank in Nashville,tn is black owned6REPLY1shartraxx1 hour ago“When you find the formula to wealth, you can apply it to anything”. A profound statement made by Aisha Hall. These ladies young, beautiful, black women found it and that’s a big no no in White America.3REPLYGetYouRight Mike3 hours agoWho trying to point me in the direction of brothers and sisters trying to become something the right way this glorious BHM ✊🏿3REPLYApollo X4 hours agoFor the 3% of you reading this I hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you imagine. I’m a 18yo music artist from Chicago. I aspire to make it out🙏🏾26REPLYCarl Sincere2 hours agoI was going to give it a thumbs down just on the title alone. Now after watching it I must say it was very interesting.4REPLYwest3dinoboi tx3 hours agoSome of them thought that was cute and was dropping names. Everybody aint built for this…3REPLYView replyJude Komla Adzah Tetteh3 hours agoInteresting…… Great interview9REPLYGina theVoodooVixen3 hours agoIm starting to think by some of these comments , some of these men are jealous.You hear abour about men doing these things all day every day.18REPLYHIDDYTHEBEAST3 hours agoI love these beautiful black sister’s they real an very smart❤️❤️❤️👍🏾💯💯💯💯14REPLYGlenn Surgest3 hours agoTheirs a price to pay for every thing and sometimes its not worth it.3REPLYLawanda Collier3 hours agoNow i cant agree with that code shit cuz im not doing time for nobody period5REPLYView 2 replies19 884 hours ago2 Timothy 2:22 22 Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.34REPLYView 2 repliesjon mar1 hour agoNever thought 4 females got me ready to step my hustle up even more. Respect to these beautiful black woman.3REPLYTrish Deanz2 hours agoBig Fifty made this interview. I could listen to her stories all day. She reminds me of Comedian Ms. Pat.14REPLYView 4 repliesGeorgene P3 hours ago (edited)Stories are testimony but why glamorize this! The ability to lead, learn and navigate an industry to your advantage is great but use the intellect and knowledge for the greater good in an ethical manner. My opinion…26REPLYView 6 repliesTK Kirkland4 hours ago (edited)I actually invented bank fraud back in the day with the Founding Fathers and dem. 🏦 💯62REPLYView 6 repliesL. Royal4 hours ago“Short cuts lead to the long wrong way.” Powerful statement she made I HAD to listen to what’s being said and after doing so I hate that they entitled this Trap Queens. I also hate that homegirl sitting up there with that horrible blonde wig that DOES NOT compliment her skin tone at all. #you‘re welcome.Read more68REPLYView 6 repliesD Parker3 hours agoWow what a wonderful group of black women I can admire……y’all cant be serious with this bs really?6REPLYView 3 repliesAcesiz Official3 hours agoLegendary interview21REPLYView replyhungrymonk1 hour agoI want a movie made about the sista with the gold flip and her team going to Africa..she is dope and brilliant..lets get it done3REPLYView replyasia white2 hours ago (edited)She got bars… low key!!!! 36:40… I had to run that back…4REPLYSherri Jones2 hours agoI really loved this interview! Great energy and fascinating stories. Got to check out their show.5REPLYRy Murray2 hours agoI love all these ladies ❤️❤️❤️ In this Capitalism system these ladies did their thing4REPLYasia white2 hours agoAisha remind me of remy ma, jamila remind me jess hilarious, delRhonda remind me of Lunell the comedian.19REPLYView 4 repliesJ ay1 hour agoDidnt know this would intreast me so much. This gives me hope, not to do crime but to know there is a way out.3REPLYRhea Pettway3 hours agoTheReal50 I LOOOOOVE HER!!! WHERE THAT PODCAST????4REPLYSanday Sacoh1 hour agoDamn….this was interesting af!!!!!!4REPLYAlahji Versace3 hours agoDrop A Comment Under My New Video “We Not The Same” Then I’ll Cashapp You $50 🚫🧢3REPLYJazmine Wildflower2 hours agoI dig this interview. I know a chic just like blonde hair, same voice and blonde hair lol4REPLYView 5 repliesDre White1 hour agoThis interview is hella dope and inspiring you don’t hear too much of this talk from ladies and black intelligence sooo dope 💰❤️💰❤️2REPLYBrandon Evans3 hours agoThey didn’t want to give us our forty acres and a mule sooo .. this is what happens when you try and survive…52REPLYView 6 repliesMariah B47 minutes agoI’m really not mad at them. They were trying to elevate themselves and their people.1REPLYTRUTH BETOLD1 hour agoI just think it’s weird that we glorify this behavior lol3REPLYView 2 repliesT Daniels4 hours agoCharlagmane: I refuse to call y’all Trap Queens because that’s just the show y’all on. YouTube title: Trap Queens discuss their scam stories…31REPLYView 2 repliesSeif Adil14 minutes agoI need a real one like these black Queens. The mindset is everything1REPLYToya Stevens1 hour agoHow we 2 seasons in and yall just getting these ladies on to tell their stories. I watched both season and these women definitely smart and way more ruthless than some of the men. But they also showed they got snitched on by people who really low key had issues with women in power and those who weren’t about that lifestyle.2REPLYSmiley Lightfoot2 hours agoI luv Jamila seeing her on Love & Hip Hop wit Yandy makes me like her even more! People don’t even know she mad close wit Quee Lauryn Hill too!2REPLYZ1 hour agoWhen she said 7 mile, I yelled “D-Town”!! Miss my city ❤️2REPLYCreative Rod38 minutes agoThis was actually a good interview2REPLYshayes32332 minutes agoInteresting point – The men don’t hold you down! 🤔3REPLYray mitch1 hour ago (edited)34:50….”You can’t make your moves based on consequences, your moves have to come from principle”🔥🔥🔥….. and she look like Remy and could rap!2REPLYDenys Maxine1 hour agoThis was such a great interview! These women are DOPE2REPLYChristopher Lewis2 hours agoLiving in the last days3REPLYView replyCorrine Vermette1 hour agoThese ladies know that once you find a money making formula, you can apply that skill just about everywhere.2REPLYSunny Bright1 hour agoLove this show4REPLYblxgrl19592 hours agoThe middle grl can rap. All 3 were interesting. Big 50 is a beast. A must watch2REPLYSurvivor3133 hours agoHappy Black History Month 🤦🏽‍♂️29REPLYView 5 repliesAshley Hughley1 hour agoIesha Hall looks and sounds like Remy Ma. I wounder has anyone ever told her that.1REPLYPolo Sport1 hour agoI need a woman like this without the criminal aspect. Just a hustler with the sexiness1REPLYAutumn Richelle2 hours ago😭 I’m really liking this interview 🤕 it must be a sign from god to live an honest life2REPLYView replyMusiwa Ngenda2 hours agoThese are intelligent ladies and it’s one of the best interviews of 2020 so far.2REPLYatasha wright2 hours agoDeronda cold…I love her. Too real. Love Jamilah I have her books. Moral of the story the easy way ain’t the best way. Work hard get money the legitimate way2REPLYJohn Williams1 hour agoNothing but LOVE and Respect for these SISTAs🔥🔥🔥3REPLYGoal Digger2 hours agoThis is what we are giving a platform???3REPLYTravis Buter3 hours agoThe breakfast Club keep doing ya thing with the vlogs an keep them coming an the trap Queen’s keep it lit for real💯💯💯👍👍👍11REPLYwilliam quintone1 hour agoBig 50 is hilarious, love them ladies. Best of in future endeavours2REPLYBossman Kimber1 hour agoThis was a dope interview2REPLYBrandon Hooks2 hours agoThis was a good interview2REPLYKoo Qua1 hour agoShe BODIED THE FUQQQ OUTTA THAT – Much Love Queen!!! Dope flow, saucy cadence #kooqua2REPLYwinterbaby3 hours agoi knew the big lady wit the blonde wig was from Detroit 😂😂😂idk how i knew i just did🤷🏽‍♀️20REPLYView 2 repliesJtari Minter3 hours agoIdk what to think about this interview 🤦🏾‍♂️2REPLYAnthony Rhodes3 hours agoShe Wesley Snipes black in a blonde wig smfh2REPLYJohn Khaos1 hour agoI knew this would be great …BQ3REPLYk w1 hour agoBig 50 ain’t no joke, wow!!took the girl eye out at least she has remorse1REPLYkay j3 hours agoloved this interview.8REPLYPeace Tours Peace TOURS2 hours agoI enjoyed this interview.2REPLYHoney M1 hour agoIt’s so easy to get caught up in schemes and scams..when that money starts coming you can’t stop …1REPLYmateshaljc15 minutes agoOne of the most entertaining, funny, and informative episode I’ve seen.2REPLYMACMAC1 hour ago6:00 i frauded the govt2REPLYEdwin Guerrero2 hours agoAbsolutely amazing! One of the best episodes I’ve seen from The Breakfast Club. These ladies are insightful, real, and tuned in. Great points on systematic oppression and far reaching discrimination. Found it interesting that one person mentioned how time and patience are pivotal to success the “right way.” My first thought was how much has been done to take away our time through mass incarceration and shortening life spans with poverty correlating directing to diet/ health and quality of life. Podcast sound fire too. Thank you!Read more2REPLYDuke Da Fool2 hours agoI love Big 50 😂4REPLYProlific Queen Ny55 minutes agoThis should’ve been over an hour. We need a part 21REPLYSmiley Lightfoot2 hours agoI feel like ahit now after watching & listening 2 these ladies they some true hustlers!1REPLYDrumMajorSCSU .DrumMajorSCSU1 hour agoThis was a great interview2REPLYLenny Lewis Live5 minutes agoTheir interviews would be much better if they didn’t continuously cut off the speakers.REPLYKoolin’Wit K3 hours ago (edited)Ok I have locs with my natural hair . But I also wear wigs as a protective style sometimes and I sometimes do box braids just too have length at times and for less manipulation with my locs… i also do it just because my roots grow fast and I dnt want to retwist it so soon… so do I not love my natural hair now? I ask this because I see so many comments knocking wigs and I bet half of the people who are commenting have braids wearing wigs or wearing lace fronts or sew ins… and to the guys some of us actually wear weaves or wigs as a protective style so we dnt manipulate the hair so much and reduce breakage… yes I do agree some women do not like their natural hair but yall cnt put ALL black women in the bracket…Read more16REPLYView 2 repliesDenisha1 hour agoIs it wrong that I’m impressed by them? 🤔😂2REPLYKC Pink38 minutes agoI don’t even know how to receive this particular episode 😂1REPLYTrap Town4 hours agoFantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]5REPLYJoyce Marie55 minutes ago“…and ion know what happed after that 🤫🤷🏽‍♀️.” AYOOO 😂 ! Does she have a book?!1REPLYView 2 repliesRuffsecs1 hour agoI almost didn’t watch this because of the title. Great interview. These women are super hero’s. Always great to see people make something from nothing and push forward while changing their own narrative.1REPLYThe Movie Brotha42 minutes agoUS was built on Fraud and Deception!!2REPLYBrian Choko1 hour agoLike these women if you got the picture ! You so smart 🙂2REPLYJess W1 hour agoThis was a great interview! I love Big Fifty…she was hilarious! 🤣🤣2REPLYAutumn Sunsets3 hours agoIf you’re gonna interview these “lovely ladies” get Apollo Nida on too. 😁😁😁1REPLYWarmweather Evynn42 minutes agoMight be the best interview this year so far2REPLYKing Nassir3 hours agoDamn they some hustlas frfr17REPLYWendy Lucas2 hours agoHomegirl sound like remy2REPLYebony dix1 hour agoWhat an EPIC interview!!! These ladies did the interview by themselves. I wished they listed their books so that I could really read their stories.1REPLYAshley McClary1 hour agoGood interview!3REPLYvalentino saunders1 hour agoi like these lady’s gonna watch this show now lol1REPLYSKI MASK NIGGA #GIMMIETHATSHIT2 hours agoThey said trap queens I thought griselda blanco done came back to life1REPLYTed Gramz18 minutes agoNah this is my favorite breakfast club. Im in love with all the girls ‘a big 50 is nuts!! Love her! Lol1REPLYH1GHD3FF2 hours agoThey all have interesting stories.1REPLYM DUBB2 hours agoQueen in the hat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!💯2REPLYTheBigHomie Joe59 minutes agoInteresting interview for sure2REPLYQueens_Wolf1 hour agoAisha Hall seems like the most forward thinking in the bunch! Respect the hussle!1REPLYVictor Crespo17 minutes agoShe said she did counseling to get time off 💀🤔 She too real yo😭1REPLYRaMal Rashaad2 hours ago“What did you do to help people”. -CTG 🤣REPLYjayluv luv3 hours agoWhat in the world is happening here 2020 🤔2REPLYView replyFrankWhite32nd3 hours agoThese sisters do the same the Whiteman does ( even trades social security numbers ) and they go to jail , wake up folks .2REPLYView replyRy Murray7 minutes agoAm watching this interview again…not to say what these ladies did in the past right but they were with the shit…Big50 was about that life 😂😂😂1REPLYAyesha Go.1 hour agoBlack people can do, learn, and master ANY and EVERYTHING!!!!1REPLYParis P9 minutes agoThis was a great interview!! Congrats ladies 🤍1REPLYBreanna Green1 hour agoY’all always over think every situation! Watch the video or don’t damn2REPLYAnthony Broadie1 hour agoIesha looks like Remy ma and got her flow I love this1REPLYDon Wal20 minutes agothe SECOND CHICK DAMN fuking brilliant getting gold in AFRICA1REPLYXassan Jibril2 hours agoFind a legal way to Trap…these wemen could be Billionaires…💵 💰….2REPLYJesse Jones3 hours agoIt’s funny she my money. But FRAUD 🤔2REPLYM & M3 hours agoHmm smart ladies and yeah the feds are haters 😆2REPLYView replyKingKongoMusiq12 minutes ago (edited)Sheeeesh bars. Yes she got definitely Bars🔥🔥🔥🔥2REPLYreal deal2 hours agoThe were the fall guys from the start.1REPLYTeddy McCall2 hours agoI’ve been waiting for this show! Great interview!!!1REPLYLuke Charles1 hour agoThis was so entertaining and educational at the same time. 🙌 love you beautiful black queens 👸🏾❤️1REPLYsoul music4 minutes agoI really wish they had more time ( no pun intended) for the interview. I really enjoyed it and Big 50 had me dying laughing 😂REPLYLaWarren Rush2 hours agoThe business acumen that these beautiful black women have is amazing. Granted they made wrong decisions, you can’t deny the fact that our people really are smart and make things happen with limited resources❤️ I love my people.1REPLYRuby Diamond Trucker LLC3 hours agoGood job ladies! I wish I had some help sometimes. Something to dip in and dip out legally. I’m not greedy, I just want to be comfortable.1REPLYKings County Baby41 minutes agoThe Govt hate when blk women/ppl beat them at their own game.That’s also the moral of story.It was personal not professional.1REPLYjKHAHN215PA2 hours agoLove Ye but she don’t always fit in 🤦🏾‍♂️1REPLYVashti Lou59 minutes agoDamn I can’t wait to watch this!!!1REPLYBeautyQueen .Nea39 minutes agoLooked in the mirror, see God in the image. I pray to myself, I guess I’m schizophrenic!!!!REPLYEVERYTHINGCSHANELB42 minutes agoLove them💕 resilient black women💪🏾1REPLYM & M3 hours agoLink me to a hedge fund account 😾1REPLY1 STOPWATCH2 hours agoReal Talk.. all telling there Truth then spitting lyrics to close out the interview !! im watching for sho…lol great interview!1REPLYHero H59 minutes agoThis interview was F’n 🔥🔥🔥!!! I have it in the #1 spot for Feb so far.1REPLYTynisha Lewis2 hours agoBig 50 makes me proud to be from Michigan😂😂😂 nah, but for real I pray they live their best lives!1REPLYKlove The Lou1 hour agoLOVE IT!!!!! They are truly BLACK AND AMAZING!!!!! Keep in mind they are extremely extremely smart and business strong!!!1REPLYDrumMajorSCSU .DrumMajorSCSU1 hour agoThe 2nd chick from the right is very woke2REPLYJasmin Janay2 hours agoIs Aisha single?? Cuz I’ll take her in a hearbeat! 😍😍😍 street, smart & abt tht bag!? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾1REPLYView replyAngelNicole5133 hours ago (edited)Breakfast Club you put the wrong name up for Ayana, the lady in the hat. You put up Aisha Hall. She is not Aisha! Thats Ayana Bean. Fix it3REPLYView replyM & M3 hours ago👁 on a stick omg2REPLYTori Uptown2 hours agoif these women had had the resources, connections and access to good education, they would be on Wall Street.1REPLYView replyDavid Banner3 hours agoAn she spitting2REPLYsteven gobin13 minutes agoI thought these women had some good motivation for making money even from the start. They understand that this system ain’t for you it ain’t for us natives it ain’t for the Latinos and they found a way to make it happen. Now that they learn from a mistake they can go legit and put that hustle into something goodRead more1REPLYFrezH Dada3 hours agoI cant entertain this fookery.1REPLYFranko Chapman2 hours agoThey should replace the view and the talk with them1REPLYSimonne !!!!!!1 hour agoThat last THEIF is the reason I’m still paying a student loan. Heffa!!!1REPLYView 2 repliesStanlen Lynn2 hours agoFine as hell and got bars she remind me of remi1REPLYDuke Da Fool2 hours agoI love Big 50 😂2REPLYI might need security1 hour ago (edited)listen, they are very smart business women, they just needed to do it the right way!1REPLYTik Tok Ads3 hours agoIf you put all the weave in this room together, you could build two life sized Bojack Horseman dolls1REPLYAdam Shaw49 minutes agoThey’re all beautiful in their own way, and also very inspiring. But DAMN that blonde lady got some giant ass handsREPLYChampagne Charmaine2 hours ago (edited)I think this interview was much needed the way certain women are glorifying scamming, prostitution, robbery, etc….They are just telling their stories in hopes of saving and inspiring other women to do better1REPLYT Ro10 minutes agowowwwww GENIUS among us smh & barrssss1REPLYPyonce Pey1 minute agoDamn this the best interview for me this yearREPLYAltovise Miller1 hour agoBig Fifty straight up gangsta!😂😂😂😂😂1REPLYOg Capo4 minutes agoAmazing interview real black queens keeping it 💯💯💯💯REPLYmiguel santiago-davis11 minutes agoTrust they wish they did it still but a different way.1REPLYdsfnigga2 hours agoNo disrespect to these sisters being a product of their environment but who remember when BET showed positive images of blacks people back when they had the black college tours26REPLYView 11 repliesTyler and La’Keisha Brown2 hours agoAlthough the system punishes the hustle, the people have always liked a good American Gangsta story. I’m definitely gonna check their show out.1REPLYKING LANCE KAINAI1 hour agoBe PATIENT, WORK HARD, KEEP THE FAITH EVERYTHING YOU WANT WILL COME TO YOU…TRUST!REPLYKrisHoppz882 hours ago3/4 were actually helping people and got Harsh sentences while the white boys got away free, messed up1REPLYAndy Deitrick4 hours agoChicks like this are why caller id was invented I’m just sayin8REPLYwdr892 hours agoCharlotte gone try sign 50 to loudspeaker, I can already see itREPLYEric Felder54 minutes agoGoogles “Big 50 from Detroit “REPLYMonique Cobb55 minutes agoAisha reminds me of Remy Ma.1REPLYAaron Sims4 hours agoYo family crazy I love yall though2REPLYEVERYTHINGCSHANELB42 minutes agoShe said I called my brothers and I don’t know what happened after that🤷🏾‍♀️😂REPLYM DUBB2 hours agoThese QUEENS is REAL!!!!💯💯1REPLYDee H.36 minutes agoThe one with the blond hair…….I LOVE HER! IT WAS INSTANT….REPLYMya Jones1 hour agoNahhhh I love big 50 always have 😂😂😂1REPLYI2 hours agoBad mic’s. Low lows, high highs.1REPLY

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