The Philosophy Behind My New Brand, Tantris, by Russell Simmons


    Russell Simmons Tantris

    I created Tantris to be the ultimate destination for people that love yoga. Whether you’re like me, a devoted yogi, that has practiced everyday for over twenty years, or if you’re new to yoga and looking to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, the Tantris yoga brand is meant accommodate.

    We will slowly grow our Tantris brand with a small e-commerce offering first, then into a Global yoga brand. We will start with beautiful t-shirts that are full of technology and comfort, and over time we will grow into a full collection of active yoga wear for men and woman. We also will be opening Tantris yoga studios and a Tantris retail stores in the near future.

    It has taken me two years to develop this concept and I’m so excited to see it come into fruition. On, we will also have content on our favorite yoga studios around the country and abroad. We will cover food, health, wellness and many subjects that every yogi should know about. So please enjoy and tell a friend about, your new yogic destination.

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