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Tamar Braxton Calls Out Her IG Haters Who Blasted Her as Ugly: ‘Why Are You SO Mad??’


Dec 20, 14 by Deron Dalton

tamar braxton, the real,*Tamar Braxton was bullied as a child, and like she said, “I walked different, I had a different attitude, and I was picked on because I wasn’t like everybody else.”

But she still has the same problem with being picked on by social media critics today.

“I was bullied as a kid, and so for me to get on social media and still have that is a problem for me.”

Recently, “The Real” (TV show) posted a photo of her under the mistletoe — telling fans she’s ready to give some holiday love, but some critics weren’t feeling it.

They wrote criticisms including, “no thanks she is not Pretty. Sowwy Lol,” and “OMG NO! !!!How old is she . She look like she 45 years old.  NO !!!!”

But Braxton wasn’t going to let her haters get away with blasting her as ugly this time. She gave them the ultimate piece of her mind when she clapped back.

“@hollywoodbeelife @tyheerahj what chall mad for?? Oh…..I know why,” she wrote. “@tyheerahj @hollywoodeelife Ok fine you THINK I’m ugly (feel better??)) I don’t care at all!!! Trust Me! I think I am amazing!!”

She added, “I’ve Sold out my OWN tour? (At 36) had a miracle baby (at 36) and now at (37 years old)…Put out MY OWN clothing line, Have an AMAZING family, 2 #1 reality shows that I created, started my OWN liquor line, writing a book, and u want to tell people NOT to watch this show because YOU both THINK I’m ugly???”

She concluded with, “well I think the two of you are UGLY people as well so NOW we are even!! Cool??!!…HOWEVER.. the Question STILL remains….why are you SO mad??”


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