T.I. Gives Up On Candace Owens And Terry Crews


    T.I. explains why he’s ready to wash his hands of Candace Owens and Terry Crews, who he deems detrimental to the community’s cause.

    These days, cancel culture has raised the number of public apologies up a staggering two-hundred percent. While some are willing to consider giving second chances, others are far less patient. For T.I, that point of no return has come with regards to both Candace Owens and Terry Crews. The Atlanta mogul recently connected with Nick Cannon to explain the finer points of his reasoning, essentially confirming that his hands were all but washed of the aforementioned two.

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    Though Tip maintains that canceling people can ultimately lead to further division, he does have a few exceptions in mind. “Some severe cases, like Candace Owens, she got to go,” declares Tip. “She can’t come. She can’t come!” Cannon points out the Tip previously used his platform to attempt discourse with Owens, but it would appear the time for logic and reason has gone through the window. “I think she a paid plant,” he speculates. “Somebody paid her to come out here against speak out against what the majority of us is standing for. She ain’t a double agent, she’s their agent. You’ve never seen her–you mean to tell me there’s no injustice against people of color you’ve ever seen!?”

    “When this young lady was in college, something happened to her, an attack,” he continues. “She called out to the community, and she got justice in her case. Ever since then, she seems to have forgotten that she’s black. She has turned in her black card and crossed over.” Tip proceeds to set his sights on Terry Crews, who recently stoked controversy with a tweet critical of Black supremacy. “He’s trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white supremacy,” says Tip. “We can’t have Black supremacy because we don’t have the tools to oppress.”

    Check out Tip and Cannon’s conversation, with Candace talk taking place around the eighteen-minute mark. 

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