Suge Knight Has Homicidal Thoughts In Weed Shop

    Suge Knight TalkingMusic industry insider Suge Knight lived up to his violent reputation this past Sunday all because he didn’t get the weed he assumed he would get for making an appearance at a marijuana dispensary in California


    The LAPD responded to call at a local weed shop about a disturbance. When police got to the scene and began interviewing witnesses, an employee of the shop told police Knight threatened to kill him if the shop didn’t supply him with some of that mean green. Sources say the situation started because Suge Knight arrived to the weed shop and was denied entry. One of the employees said Suge threatened, “I will kill you.” As a result of the alleged threat, Knight is being investigated for making criminal threats.

    Sources close to the Knight camp are claiming the whole things a huge misunderstanding. Apparently, Suge Knight went to the weed shop under the impression he was making a celebrity appearance at the shop and would be paid in money AND his choice strain of weed. Knight adamantly denies threatening anyone in the shop. However, it is known that Suge Knight did get a little pissed because the shop owner refused to pay Knight at all.

    Hopefully, this is resolved without Suge Knight going back to jail because dude has spent more time in jail than 2pac has posthumous albums.

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