Shawty Shawty Claims Argument That Led to Takeoff’s Death Was Over Loaded Dice


The tragic and untimely murder of Migos’ rapper, Takeoff, has sent mournful shockwaves throughout the urban community, touching the lives of fellow emcees, actors, athletes, politicians, news pundits, and hip-hop fans all over the world. One of the celebrities who was deeply impacted by the tragic loss of Takeoff was fellow Atlanta native Shawty Shawty. The comedian from Wildin’ Out claims to have had conversations over the phone with some of Takeoff and Quavo’s relatives following the incident, during which time the events leading up to the shooting were discussed in detail.

In a recent interview on Ugly Money TV, the 41-year-old shared a little about what he learned from his previous conversations with Takeoff’s extended family about what caused the heated argument involving Quavo and how it may have resulted in Takeoff’s murder.

“I have to say ‘alleged’ because I was told this over the phone from a reliable source…They say Quavo dominates in a whole lot of different things — basketball, all of this,” Shawty said. “So they say that they had been shooting basketball earlier, and then they got to the bowling alley, and they said it was a dice game.”

He continued, “They say that Quavo noticed that the dice were not right, and that’s where the argument started. Everybody know Quavo got a mouth on him, everybody know Quavo would talk junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk shit in. I think they were on somebody’s tab, and you gotta respect [that].”

Source: Hip Hop DX

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