R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Kendrick Lamar Boycotts GQ Mag Party Over Offensive Interview (DETAILS)


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    UPDATE 1:15 PM EST:

    GQ has released a statement responding to the comments of TDE’s CEO, saying:

    “Kendrick Lamar is one of the most talented new musicians to arrive on the scene in years. That’s the reason we chose to celebrate him, wrote an incredibly positive article declaring him the next King of Rap, and gave him our highest honor: putting him on the cover of our Men of the Year issue. I’m not sure how you can spin that into a bad thing, and I encourage anyone interested to read the story and see for themselves. We were mystified and sorely disappointed by Top Dawg’s decision to pull him at the last minute from the performance he had promised to give. The real shame is that people were deprived of the joy of seeing Kendrick perform live. I’m still a huge fan.”—Jim Nelson, GQ editor-in-chief

    It was just a few days ago that Kendrick Lamar, the self proclaimed “King of New York” was named the “Man Of The Year” by GQ magazine’s but things have now become a little rocky.

    Justin TimberlakePharrell and Kid Cudi were among the fellas that attended the mag’s “Men Of The Year” party earlier this week but Kendrick was no where to be seen.

    According to reports, the rapper was supposed to perform at the event but canceled after reading his interview. Kendrick was absolutely not okay with some statements and decided to boycott the party.

    In the cover story, writer Steve Marsh expresses his surprise at Kendrick’s discipline by refusing to drink and womanize like many of his rapper friends.

    He wrote:

    “Kendrick doesn’t smoke weed or drink booze. In the time I spent with him, I never witnessed anyone roll even the thinnest spider leg of a jay, nor did I see Kendrick so much as glance at the many, many girls around him.”

    *raises eyebrow*

    Marsh also mentioned the gang violence endemic in K Dot’s hometown of Compton, which has plagued hip-hop.

    All of this did not sit well with Kendrick and his camp who believe Marsh romanticized a dark time in hip-hop rather than focusing on Kendrick’s accomplishments in the game. Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony Tiffith tells TMZ:

    “To say he was ‘surprised at our discipline’ is completely disrespectful,” said Tiffith. “Kendrick deserved to be accurately documented.”

    He added:

    “The racial overtones immediately reminded everyone of a time in hip-hop that was destroyed by violence, resulting in the loss of two of our biggest stars [Tupac and B.I.G.] … As a result of this misrepresentation, I pulled Kendrick from his performance at GQ‘s annual ‘Men of the Year’ party.”

    Really putting his foot down, he adds:

    “While we think it’s a tremendous honor to be named as one of the ‘Men of the Year,’ these lazy comparisons and offensive suggestions are something we won’t tolerate.”

    Well there you have it. Is it awesome Kendrick and his team are taking a stand or are they being over sensitive? Sound off in the comment section below and read the controversial interview on GQ.com.


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