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    50 Cent and Puff Daddy


    When he’s not dishing on his past relationships with famous women, 50 Cent is of course throwing shots at other people in hip-hop. Hey, he’s been doing it since the day he came out, no surprise there. But in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Fiddy decided to call out Diddy–excuse me, Puff Daddy, saying that the successful businessman and Bad Boy head curses the careers of the artists he signs.

    “When he came out with the “Angels” record, I said ‘Naw man, that’s wack. You gotta stand next to something.’ And he knew exactly what I meant, cause he’s been standing next to something his entire career. He stood next to Biggie. He stood next to Mase. He stood next to Joc. Look, Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody survived him. Look at it.”

    We’ve all heard this over the years, and it might not only be the case for Puffy and Bad Boy but many music groups put together over the years (how many Roc Nation artists aside from J.Cole and managed ones like Rihanna are really getting shine and support right now?). Some say that Puffy is currently ‘standing next to Rick Ross,’ while his current roster at Bad Boy (including MGK, Red Café and of course, French Montana) does so-so out here or sits on the bench waiting for a shot to put out an album.

    Fiddy also pulled a Lord Jamar in the same interview and explained why he doesn’t fit in with today’s rappers, many of whom having an affinity for tight pants and dresses in his opinion:

    “I ain’t with it. I asked it on a mix tape. Ni**as wear skinny jeans. I can’t fit in.

    If you Google, ‘rapper in a dress’, do you know how many will pop? Young Thug is the one that actually said, ‘This is a dress’. The other ones will call it a kilt. What about that culture is making you choose to wear it for the evening?”

    What do you think about what 50 had to say about Puff Daddy and the rest of today’s artists?

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