Prior To This, An Instagram User Claiming To Be An Ex-Assistant Of The ‘Bang Bang’ Rapper Said That Nicki Made Comments On Cardi’s Child Kulture, Whom She Shares With Rapper Offset.

Cardi B Appears to Defend Nicki Minaj Amid Fake Ex-Assistant Controversy


  •  Aug 5, 2022

AceShowbiz – Cardi B has spoken out about Nicki Minaj‘s fake former assistant controversy. After an Instagram user claiming to be an ex-assistant of the “Bang Bang” rapper said that Nicki made comments on her child Kulture, Cardi reacted to the whole drama as she shared that she didn’t buy the claims.

“Another thing that I’m seeing is people saying, ‘Oh, you be discussing this, this, and that with Armon,’ ” she said of YouTuber Armon Wiggins, insisting that she has nothing to do with the fake page. Cardi also shared that she was asked by bloggers for input on the “tea.”

She continued, “No, a lot of blogs hit me up asking me about that bulls**t that was going on two days ago. And I told everybody, ‘No, that is not true.’ ” She went on to say, “There was lies talking bout ‘oh Mike WiLL Made It told you this and that and said this about your kid,’ no. That is not true, that is not true. ‘Have you reached out this and that’- no. it’s not true, I think it’s false, I think it’s a troll. And that what I told Arman and what I told everybody else.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper also revealed, “I’m not discussing everybody, I’m telling ppl no this s**t is a lie, because guess what if I don’t respond to people they are gonna assume that it’s real and then they are gonna run with it. I don’t lie on people and I’m not gonna let the narrative go that is true. What’s wrong with me saying it’s a lie it’s not true.”

The wife of Offset later called out people who only wanted to see strife if she entertained the claims by the troll account and slammed Nicki in response. “Y’all would have loved it if I entertained it… ‘yes it’s true’… but that’s not true, I told people it’s false, that’s a troll, that’s a troll account and that’s how I left it, nice clean and there. And Arman wasn’t the only one that reached out. A lot of blogs DM me and a lot of blogs hit my publicist and we denied all of it and we said it was a lie. thank you, carry on,” the rapper divulged.

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Prior to this, Nicki hopped on Instagram Live on Monday, August 1 to address the fake assistant controversy. She mocked the rumors as she pretended to be crying and admitted to some of the allegations, before calling the allegations “dumb.” She said, “My assistant, y’all they went and told everybody that it is true I owe a hundred million dollars to IRS.”

She also jokingly admitted that her hairstylist Tae “is so uncomfortable around,” but ended up cracking up. “The tea sounds so f**king dumb. And for a person to believe it you would have to be dumb,” she noted, “It’s clearly a kid. Do you know how much money you have to make to owe that amount of money to IRS?”

It was later revealed that the fake page used a photo of Megan Feldman Bettencourt, a freelance journalist that worked for Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar and Salon. After she claimed that she “never had a secret life as the ‘ex-assistant’ ” of Nicki on Twitter, the femcee replied to her tweet, “Ok, you know TF what? well hey, if you ever need a job hit me up. I feel bad but hey, cheers to Newsweek! always a silver lining i- i guess?”

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