Pick Hit- CHASE (Run It Up)


Born in Michigan in 2003, Chase Usher, known as CHASE, is a talented rapper and song writer. He discovered his love for music as a young child. At the age of 10, he started experimenting with making short songs, raps and music using apps on his cell phone. But it wasn’t until he was able to buy his first rap album of Chief Keef’s music that his creativity and talent began to grow.

Being in Motown, CHASE was surrounded by talented and creative musicians, designers, producers, and artist. But it wasn’t until his family moved to Atlanta, GA when he was 15, he realized rap music was what he really wanted to write and perform.

CHASE is inspired by all types of music and artist such as, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Future, Jimmy Hendrix, Play Boi Cardi and Chief Keef, just to name a few. 

CHASE has just released his highly anticipated first single, RunItUp and is ready for the world to hear his music.

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