A month or so back we highlighted a great new single from a band called RESURFACE. Tune in question was a tight modern soul groove called ‘We Can Fly’ while the flip was a sweet and smooth ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ (not the Prince song!).

Research revealed that ReSurface were a re-invigorated Surface…. remember them? Sure you do. Their gentle ‘Happy’ grew to anthem status and through the 80s and 90s, the trio (flautist David “Pic” Conley, guitarist David Townsend, and vocalist Bernard Jackson) put out plenty of quality sophisticated soul.

Recently Conley reconvened the band – now called ReSurface – and he recruited Black Flames singer John Feva to take lead duties. Feva, by the way, is the son of George Malone of doo-wop heroes, the Monotones .

Now based in deepest Colorado, Resurface have just issued their debut album , ‘Where Have You Been?’. The 14 tracker is a little gem of sweet, laid back modern soul, proving that that early single was no flash in the pan! The aforementioned ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ is still a standout but amongst other goodies is a slinky ‘Baby Making Music’. The title really says it all but you don’t need sharp ears to hear the ‘Sexual Healing’ context. Other reference points… well in places you’ll amazed at the vocal similarities between John Feva and little old Michael Jackson. Hear it at its most pronounced on ‘Superstar’ and ‘Dance Your Heart Away’.

‘We Can Fly’ still sounds good too and it’s on the album twice… the crisp original version and a remix dubbed “Grown And Sexy”… two adjectives that just about sum up the whole LP.


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