Million Dollar Dreamz (Looze Cannon ft Zuri)





Working with looze was like the moment Aaliyah found timbaland and Missy. Although both groups had made good music on their own, when they came together the raw creative energy created a magnetic sound. Because we have similar writing methods we instantly began to combine ideas. Loose produced the track and played it for me and as soon as I heard I began to freestyle a chorus and 8bars of a verse.  He then emailed me the beat and i finished it and came to record with him the next day. He then laid his verse which he half freestyled almost in one take. My catchy hook and tboz like tone fit perfectly with his well manufactured delivery and powerful lyrics.  We both wanted to make a song that was real,that was something people could relate to, not just party to but really think and be inspired.  Although this was our first record together I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last.

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