Meagan Good says judgmental Christians have pushed her away from church: ‘It’s unfortunate’


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    Meagan Good, pictured last month, talks religion in a new interview. (Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Screen Gems)

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    Meagan Good, pictured last month, talks religion in a new interview. (Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Screen Gems)

    Meagan Good is steadfast in her Christian beliefs, but says she doesn’t attend church as much as she’d like to due to overcritical churchgoers.

    While talking about a sex scene in her new film The Intruder, the 37-year-old actress told D.L. Hughley on his eponymous radio show that her husband DeVon Franklin, a Seventh-day Adventist preacher as well as a film exec and author — doesn’t interfere with her love scenes. He encourages her to make them authentic onscreen — and she gave it her all with Michael Ealy in the drama.

    “He wasn’t looking to change me in marriage,” Good said of marrying her husband. “He knew who I was before marriage.”

    That admission led to Good opening up about religion and church culture. She’s very religious — she’s said Jesus tops her list of heroes and she and Franklin were celibate before marrying — but has some issues with some other members of the church who are quick to attack and judge.

    Asked if she attends church with Franklin often, Good replied, “Not all the time though because if I’m being completely honest, my experience with some church folks has not been that positive.”

    She continued, “It’s unfortunate because we’re supposed to be the biggest lovers,” she said of Christians. “Even if you disagree with someone or you don’t think what they’re doing is right, you’re supposed to mind your own business and pray for that person. Other times, you’re supposed to correct in love if that’s what God told you to do. And there was no correction in love. It was like a complete assault.”

    Hughley mentioned Good talked about previously when Franklin came to her defense after an unidentified woman suggested she should “cover up” when making public appearances after she was married.

    Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin at the premiere of "The Intruder"on May 1, 2019. (Photo: Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic)

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    Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin at the premiere of “The Intruder”on May 1, 2019. (Photo: Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic)

    “There’ve been a few of them,” Good replied. “I’m waiting on the timeline —’I can’t believe she did this sex scene. She’s a married woman,’” referring to hateful comments she receives.

    The Think Like a Man star went on to say, “At the end of the day, for me, I still love Christians. I will always love the church. I love my Lord and Savior, period point blank. That’s first and foremost over everything. But even though I love some of those people, I have to love them from a distance because my spirit is too sensitive. And even though I’ve gotten to a place of balance, I’m the type of person, if I see someone crying, I’ll start crying. I’m extremely sensitive so I have to protect my spirit because those people don’t always know what they’re doing.”

    Good faced criticism from the Christian community on a number of occasions. Another time was after a victim in 2014 celebrity cyber hack and nude photographs she sent to Franklin were posted online. She defending the photos, saying they were personal for her husband, but her Christian behavior was questioned by haters.

    “It’s been disappointing to receive such harsh judgment and criticism from my own brothers and sisters when my husband and I were the ones who were violated and had our intimate moments exposed to the world against our will,” Good said soon after. “But it’s Dad’s will–not ours, that will ultimately prevail. And it’s a person who did this–not God. I trust dad wholeheartedly.”

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