LOVE, MONEY, PARTY: 21 Ways Miley Cyrus Can Celebrate Her Birthday Right! (LIST)


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    Everyone’s favorite twerkin’ pop-star turns 21 today!

    Miley Cyrus rose to fame on the Disney channel as Hannah Montana. From there, she dove head first into the music industry, belting out hits like “Party In The U.S.A.” and “The Climb.” Though she got her start as an actress, music was Miley’s passion, so after a few movie roles, Miley appeared back on the music scene, but she was certainly no longer a Hannah Montana kinda gal.

    Miley ditched her squeaky clean Disney persona for a very grown up new look. She buzzed and bleached her hair, started showin’ a little more skin and brought twerkin’ into the mainstream. While Miley’s makeover won over many, others were far less impressed with her new bad gal antics. Everywhere Miley went, controversy was sure to follow!

    Well, because of her partying past – and since today is also her 26th b-day – we enlisted the help of America’s favorite Jersey Shore alumnae Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi to give Miley a little advice on how to do her birthday up right! Snooki may have traded fist pumpin’ for pumpin’ iron, and late nights at the club for quiet nights at home with her little man Lorenzo, but in her day – she was the party.


    Check it out.


    It’s your 21st birthday Miley, which means one thing…


    …Just don’t over do it, because trust me, the 21st birthday hangover is real.


    A good crew is essential, especially for a successful night out. Find yourself one solid best friend and stick with them…


    …Kick any and all fair weather friends to the curb! They’ll only bring you down….


    …and don’t let boys ruin your night.


    Keep your eyes peeled though – true love can find you in the most unexpected of places…


    …and trust me, a good man is hard to find.


    If you’re kicking off your 21st birthday with any sort of day drinking…


    … try not to make a scene…


    …because no matter how good of a person you are, you will get arrested.


    There’s a time and a place for twerkin’ and that time is now, while you’re young, but it can’t hurt to have a few other moves in your rolodex…


    …just be sure none of them involve showing your kooka – no good can come of that.


    Trust me, one day you will look back at the clothes you used to rock and think, “who let me leave the house like that?”


    …but all that really matters is that you think you look good.


    Just remember: There’s a fine line between sexy and just plain ratchet. Know that line and know it well.


    Everybody makes mistakes, especially while they’re young. Accept that and learn from each mistake. (Also, remember that if it happens on your 21st birthday, it doesn’t count).


    That said, avoid drunk dialing…


    …And don’t make out with your friends. You will regret both tomorrow.


    Tonight it’s your party, you can do what you want to…


    …you have the rest of your 20s to get your ish together and be a grown up. So keep brushing off the haters…


    …and live it up, because the party doesn’t last forever!


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