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    Looze Cannon Interview

    by Trey B

    Trey:Q So whats up Looze? What you been up too?

    Looze: Everything man, been in the studio trying to complete my album.

    Trey: Hows that coming?

    Looze: Oh its coming great i’m having a ball in the studio working with different producers from around the country, the album should drop in the Spring of 2014!

    Trey: Do you have a title for the album yet?

    Looze: Yeah man, were calling it Looze Minded.

    Trey: That’s dope. So I see you made it on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape!

    Looze: Yeah man, I dropped that on Coast 2 Coast for my fans just to keep something out there until my album drops.

    Trey: How long did it take for you to get on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape and how does it feel to know your finally on it?

    Looze: Well you know Coast 2 Coast is one of the more popular and biggest sites in the world, so its a lot of artists trying to make it on the mixtape, but I sent my stuff in now its on there and i’m glad to be on there with other dope MC’s its an honor.

    Trey: Okay Looze last question I know you gotta get out of here, what do you do with your time when your not rapping?

    Looze: Well to tell you the truth, its like i never stoppped rapping or producing for other people, its my passion its my life, I wouldnt know what to do if I went without music for a day.

    Trey: Alright Looze its been real, it was nice of you to take out the time to give myself and Ventradio this dope interview, can’t wait to hear the album man!

    Looze: Okay bruh, oh let me shoutout my family, all my fans, and you can get at me at my official website, www.Loozecannon.com

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