Lil Kim Responds to 50 Cent Comparing Her to Leprechaun



Staff WriterOct 13, 2021 2:30 PM
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Image: Lil Kim Responds to 50 Cent Comparing Her to Leprechaun

50 Cent is continuing to fan the flames of his beef with Lil Kim, which he continued this week after comparing Kim to Lubdan, the monster from the 1993 comedy horror film Leprechaun

Fif shared a video of Lil Kim dancing on stage and then compared it to a clip of Lubdan moving in a similar way in a clip from Leprechaun. He captioned the post, “I’m sorry i know it’s early but i don’t know why s*** like this is funny to me LOL.”

Lil Kim responded, telling 50 Cent that his obsession with her is becoming “creepy.” Kim added that it seems like she’s on 50 Cent’s mind 24/7 because he has been coming at her regularly on social media. Back in July, Fif shared a photo comparing Kim’s 2021 BET Awards outfit to a barn owl, which Kim said was accurate. She then accused 50 Cent of being obsessed with her after she turned him down for a date years ago. You can check out their exchange above. 

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