Kodak Black lost a BET award to Latto. His reaction was not sexist at all.


At this year’s BET awards, Kodak Black lost out on Song Of The Year to ‘Big Energy’ by Latto. His reaction was very mature.

At this point, hearing something sexist from Kodak Black is nothing new. Sometimes, though, the things he says make us stop and think: “That ain’t the hot take you think it is dude.” Case in point: insinuating that a fellow female artist won an award just because she’s a woman. 

At this year’s BET Awards, Black lost out on Song of The Year to Latto’s ‘Big Energy’. Rather than taking the loss graciously and saving us all the trouble, Black went online and not only called Latto some choice names but also claimed that she won the award because she’s a woman. 

During an Instagram live on Wednesday, Black appeared to mock Latto’s stage name by using the terms ‘frappuccino, cappuccino’, before claiming that her win was a diversity check. 

“Why y’all ain’t make my shit tie with cappuccino? But y’all made sure Caresha Please be a tie with Drink Champs… This whole shit looked like a damn plot,” Black said. 

“Then I look at the ‘gram like what shawty blocked me for? They probably hollering at BET, like don’t give him that shit. I told weeks ago. Watch they finna play with me and give it to frappuccino.” he added.

Even after Latto caught wind of Black’s rant and clapped back by subtweeting him, Black didn’t let up. In a series of tweets, he claimed that while he was ‘cool’ with women empowerment (sure, Jan), the award should have gone to anyone else but ‘that hating ass mutt’ – referring to Latto. 

Black tweeted: “The Woman Empowerment Shit Kool ! Don’t Take Nun From Nobody But You Still Gotta Work For It ! Don’t Jus Simply Give It To Somebody Kuz They A Woman !!!!! If That’s The Case Y’all Shoulda Gave Song Of The Year To Glorilla Not That Hating Ass Mutt.” 

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